Pallet Wrap

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October 1, 2017
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Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap

Black Pallet wrap is an example of one of most popular products, it is a stock item so if you run out at short notice don’t worry we can usually get it to you within 24/36 hours, we have been known to do same day delivery!

Ideal for adding that extra bit of security to your loads, with high performance puncture resistant film with a very sticky feel to the roll, this is our most popular hand film.

Our range of stretch films come in different colours, Black, Clear, Red, Blue, Green, we even offer bespoke printed film.  All our films come with either flush or extended cores, the rolls vary in length, width and thickness, the thickness is measure in gauge or micron.  If you are looking for a new supplier for your pallet wrap then we would be happy to come out and see you with some samples of what we can offer, you may find we are able to offer a better products at a better price!!

The examples below will explain how the sizes work.

500mm x 250m x 23mu
500mm is the width of the roll
250m is the length of the roll
23mu is the thickness of the film

If you are wrapping an heavy load or maybe boxes with sharper corners then we would recommend our strongest film 34mu, this will give your load the best retention.  If you are unsure on what troll you need then please feel free to give us a call 01254 482887 or send us an email [email protected] we will happy to help.

A general guide would be,

17mu – light duty wrap
20mu – Medium duty
23mu – Heavy duty wrap
34mu – Extra heavy duty wrap

We also offer 12 and 14 mu Premier film please contacts us for more details and free samples.

500mm x250m x25mu in boxes of six,