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Bubl Void Fill
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Bubl Void Fill

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For quick, simple and cost – effective void fill protection for a wide range of everyday, durable goods, BUBL Void is the perfect solution; easy to inflate, super lightweight and recyclable, the BUBL Void product range provides superb carton lining, quilting, cushioning, blocking and bracing.

With three variants and in sizes to meet most requirements BUBL Void is inflated only when needed, saving valuable warehouse space; our fast BUBL Void Inflator is easy to set up and operate and ensures you can quickly produce the most appropriate void fill protection for your goods, on demand.

We offer a variety of different option as void fil. Bubl Void Cushions, Void Fill Tubes, Void Fill Bubble.  We can supple you with the inflation machine also.  Cut down on waste, Save space and most importantly protect your products.

By using the correct packaging solutions, you are going to save money, and cut down on good being returned to due to damages.  Why not get in contact today and let us show you how we can help, we have several different samples that we can send you to make sure you have the correct packaging in place.

Bubl Tubes

Ultimate protection for difficult to ship goods – whether they are large, heavy or just awkward – examples include windows, car doors, radiators, pumps, floor tiles and toilet cisterns.

BUBL Tubes replace polystyrene blocks and pellets, EPS, Instapak, cardboard spacers and virtually all other heavy duty protective packaging products.

Bubl Void Cusions

The cusion void come on a rolls and easily inflates with our air machine, they are 20x20cm, 29mu thick with 600m per roll, and 100% Recyclable.

Bubl Void Bubble

Used in the same way s your traditional bubble wrap, but better!!!  Once inflated you can jump on it, stand on in and even drive your van over it and it does not pop.  Extremely string and versatile to protect your products.  Inflated sizes 30x24x2cm, 20mu thick, 300m per roll.  All our Bubl packaging is 100% Recyclable. Have a look at the video of the van driving over the inflted bubl