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October 1, 2017
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Layflat Tubing
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LayFlat Tubing


LayFlat Tubing – Manufactured in the UK.

Layflat tubing, is also known as polythene tubing, one continuous length of polythene that allows you to create custom bags in a variety of sizes.  Our Lay flat once cut and sealed with a heat sealer can create the perfect bags to your specification.  Our Lay flat tubing comes in a number of different sizes, colour and thickness.

It is a great way for companies to cut down on the cost of of stocking different sizes of bags, the products can be placed in the Lay flat cut to size and sealed with a heat sealer, for products which you don’t want to be on show when in transit use black Layflat.

Layflat tubing doesn’t just protect items from bumps and grazes during transport; you can also use it to stop furniture and machinery getting damaged during renovations or redecorating. Polythene is waterproof, dust proof and flexible, so can be wrapped around almost anything, but bear in mind the ultra duty and heavy duty lay flat will be less flexible than medium duty.

We produce either High or Low Slip material for various applications.

All films can be supplied clear or coloured to match customer’s requirements. Various other additives such as anti-blocking or anti-static agents can be added if requested. LFT and GLFT can be printed with a simple “Safety Warning” logo.

We can also supply bags on a roll with a straight seal perforated to tear-off at any length. This can be produced in either LFT or GLFT form and printed with a simple warning notice Film for use on form film and seal plus flow wrapping of such items as magazines or card inserts can be produced

Widths 6 inch to 60 inch

100gage to 1000gage (25mu to 250mu)

Manufactured in the UK!

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