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Custom made product protection
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Packaging Protection

Protect your most valuable possessions


Packaging Protection.

From Loose fill, foam packaging protection and bubble wrap, we have the protection you need to protect your goods, whether you are storing them or sending them out to customers.

By protecting you products you are ensuring they arrive undamaged, in return save you money as your returns will be reduced if not eliminated.

We can supply the following off the shelf protective products as well as bespoke foam and polystyrene.  If you have a product and you can’t find the right protective product drop us a line and we will get the design team to take a look and come with something custom made.

Don’t compromise on your packaging protection, cut down on returns and give a lasting impression, get the right protection your products.


We offer a number of different options to make sure your products arrive un damaged.

    • Foam Corners
    • Bespoke Polystyrene

Bubble wrap

  • Loose Fill
  • Foam L shaped protection
  • Foam U shaped protection
  • Cardboard edge protection
  • Corrugated cardboard rolls
  • Foam inserts
  • Round cut corners
  • Cake Dummies

As well as foam and polystyrene we all offer a great solution to bubble wrap, we supply the mini pak’r machine which is a air cushion machine that produces air pockets.

These can be teared off for void fill, or left on a roll to wrap round you products before they are boxed.  Put all the protection products together and you will cut down on damaged, returned good and in return increase your company profits, and have more happy customers!

We are able to offer off the shelf or bespoke made please contact us for more details and your requirements.  Alternatively we arrange for one our specialist to come and see you, we will design and advice what would be the best options for your business.

Please enquire about this product using the contact form underneath.