Inflatable Packaging

Recyclable Packaging
January 24, 2022

Inflatable Packaging

Inflatable Packaging.

Quick, simple and cost – effective void fill inflatable packaging protection for a wide range of everyday, durable goods. BUBL Void is easy to inflate, super lightweight and recyclable, and provides superb carton lining,
quilting, cushioning, blocking and bracing. With three variants and in sizes to meet most requirements BUBL Void is inflated only when needed, saving valuable
warehouse space; our fast BUBL Void Inflator ensures you can quickly produce the most appropriate void fill protection for your goods, on demand.

BUBL Void Cushions – air pillows for maximum void fill and product protection – available in 3 sizes

BUBL Void Tubes – for carton lining, interleaving, corner protection, wrapping, quilting, blocking and bracing – the ideal balance between void fill and protection.

BUBL Void Bubbles – for carton lining, interleaving, corner protection, wrapping, quilting, blocking and bracing – highly flexible, creating minimal void fill but still protecting and separating your products.

Bubl Void Fill Cusions  

Our inflatable packaging protects your products in a cushion of air, and we have solutions for everything from mobile phones and TVs to rare wines and antiques – even industrial products like car doors, cisterns, radiators and windows can be completely protected during transit and storage.
BUBL products replace cardboard boxes, padded envelopes, polystyrene blocks, void-fill, EPS Foam and bubble wrap – and because they are supplied uninflated the demand for warehouse space is dramatically reduced; they are simple and quick to inflate, dramatically reducing packing times compared to traditional packaging. Taken together, reduced pack times, transit damage, storage and shipping costs means significant cost savings.
BUBL Packaging is environmentally friendly; all our products are 100% recyclable and our products are reusable. Put simply, with BUBL Packaging transit damage is effectively eliminated and you save time and money – without harming the environment.

Other products avaialble, Bubl inflatiion bags, Highly Robust BUBL Bags enclose your products in a cushion of air, and can be used multiple times; they are also recyclable.
Available in 2 variants:
• BUBL Bags are available in seven standard sizes and can be deflated and re – inflated for multiple use
• Royal Mail Small Parcel BUBL Bags can be used to ship single or multiple items and which when inflated meets the Royal Mail ‘Small Parcel’ size requirements.

Inflatable machine


Bubl Pods

Advanced protection for a range of everyday items including bottles, jars, TVs, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones and more. BUBL Pods provide superior protection during transit because individual inflation chambers mould themselves around your products; they are quick and simple to use – just inflate and pop your product inside – hugely increasing productivity.
• Warehouse costs are reduced as uninflated packaging takes up very little space
• Shipping costs are reduced as BUBL Pods are very light
• Product damage is virtually eliminated
• Environment – friendly BUBL Pods are reusable and recyclable

Bubl Pod protection

Bubl Wrapping

Perfect protection for difficult to pack items of all shapes and sizes. BUBL Wrapping folds and wraps around your product to cover and protect it in a cushion of air. The air BUBL is much stronger and larger than standard bubble wrap and is made from much thicker and more durable, recyclable plastic, so you only need a single layer; it is virtually unburstable.
BUBL Wrapping is supplied in uninflated rolls, saving significant warehouse storage space; you only inflate as required – manually using a compressed air supply, or automatically
using our Auto Inflation Machine.

BUBL Wrapping is manufactured with serrated strips to make it easy to tear off the right amount – no cutting
or sharp knives required.

Bubl Tubes

Ultimate protection for difficult to ship goods – whether they are large, heavy or just awkward – examples include windows, car doors, radiators, pumps, floor tiles and toilet cisterns.
Fully customisable for length, film thickness and tube diameter and with optional branding, BUBL Tubes replace polystyrene blocks and pellets, EPS, Instapak, cardboard spacers and virtually all other heavy duty protective packaging products.
Super-strong BUBL Tubes enclose your products in air-filled tubes, keeping them totally safe in storage and in transit.
They are fully recyclable, reusable and quick and simple to inflate and use. BUBL Tubes can be inflated manually using compressed air or you can use our auto-inflation system