Polythene Sheeting or SWS

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November 15, 2017
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July 12, 2018

Polythene Sheeting or SWS

Polythene Sheeting

Clear polythene sheeting is a great product and very versatile, it can used to protect your products from dust, dirt and damage while either in storage on in transit.  It can be used to cover items in all shapes and sizes.  Polythene sheeting on a roll can be quick and easy to use for wrapping furniture if you in the removal industry, or in your factory to protect your items before they get sent out.

Polythene sheeting can come in different thicknesses (also known as gage or micron) heavy duty polythene sheeting can be used outside, and protect you from the wind and rain during building work and renovations.  It is weather proof and water resistant and it is able to be heat shrink for extra protection.  Its is ideal for when you are decorating or doing DIY, an excellent as a temporary cover to roofs and windows.


Polythene sheeting, single wound sheeting or center fold sheeting is manufacture in different sizes and thicknesses to suite everyone needs.

Polythene sheeting comes on a reel, other products similar are:

Lay flat tubing LFT – This is the starting point that all polythene films, the lay flat tubing can be used to cover larger items, can be simply cut to size and sealed.  The lay flat tubing can come in different colours and can even be printed on.
Double wound sheeting DWS
Single wound sheeting SWS
Center fold sheeting CFS

Polythene Sheeting machine.