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July 12, 2018
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Polythene Products

Polythene Bags

Polythene bags are a very cost efficient way of packaging and they can come in many different types, such as plain clear, coloured or printed. Today, here at Safe Choice Packaging, Lancashire, we can provide you with any type of packaging, to help preserve contents, whether it is for products for customers or for mailing reasons.  Our products are available in a range of different sizes and models, as we offer anti static bags, coloured bags, printed bags and low melt EVA bags.  We supply throughout the UK with bags for many different industries, using different films and for a variety different uses, so contact us today, either online or via telephone.

As mentioned previously, we have many different bags, with many different uses, starting with anti static bags.  An anti static bag is a bag which is prone to electrical harm due to an electrostatic discharge, this makes it very helpful for storing electronic components.  These bags can be essential for any electronics manufacturers to help preserve their products in a safe manor for customers.

The next type of polythene packaging we offer is coloured bags.  These are most often used as packaging for clothes, as these colours can help represent the brand which the customer purchased from. For example sports brands, such as Adidas and Nike use the colours white and black, as these are the colours most often associated with the brands.

Here at SafeChoice packaging, we also offer printed bags, which have many different uses, the most common being as carrier bags.  Printed bags can be vital for any shop, as all shops have to offer bags to customers and the design of them can be important for exposure, as typically bags have to reflect on the brand in one way or another.

The last type of polythene bags we offer is low melt EVA bags, which are most commonly used in the food industry.  These bags can be used to store frozen goods at a very low temperature, as a typically plastic bag would disintegrate at too low of temperatures, which makes them perfect for storing iced goods.

So contact us here today at SafeChoice Packaging, Lancashire to supply you with polystyrene packaging supplies. For further information and inquiries contact us today at:


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