Moving House – Part 3

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Moving House – Part 2
June 5, 2019
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June 29, 2019

Moving House – Part 3

Moving House – Part 3

Top Tips for Stress Busting Packing Success

Moving House, we’re back with our next instalment of Moving House, the stress free way!  This week, we’re moving into the bedrooms and lounge to ensure you’re valuables are safely stored for the journey to your fabulous new digs:

Wardrobes: To ensure you don’t need to immediately source the iron on arrival, try hanging a few items on coat hangers, covered with a binbag with the hooks poking through the bottom.  You can then secure these hangers with packing tape or zip ties so they all remain in one place (handy tip!).  Any items you wont be needing in the immediate future, pack away folded in linen boxes (don’t forget to label which clothes belong to which family member)

Wardrobe box with black and white clothing, prepared for transportation.

Bedding: Keep each set of bedding packed into bedding sacks and linen boxes, it’ll keep them fresh as a daisy for that first night in your new home

DVD’s and HIfi’s: If you’re still a fan of using a good old fashioned HiFi stereo and DVD player (there are some!) then don’t forget to remove any disks before packing, otherwise when you switch them on again, they may jam the system.

Carpets: Firstly, advise your moving company in advance if you’re taking any of your carpets with you. When packing, remove all the tacks and roll the carpet up (but avoid bending as this could make the relay slightly awkward). Be sure to secure the rolled up ends with packing tape

Wall hangings: We’re talking mirrors, pictures, clocks etc… Pack these in bubble wrap followed by a blanket and then store in removal boxes.

Don’t forget your lamp shades! These can be packed as fragile items in packing boxes, and you can also use plastic liners to keep them free from dirt and damage

Last but by no means least… If you’re taking any fuel filled items (lawnmowers, garden chemicals, paints etc)- you need to check with your removals company prior to moving day.  Not all companies have the insurance to carry these items so always best to double check. Be sure to empty out the day before and pack separately in removals boxes.


That’s it, you’re all packed. New house… here we come!


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