Moving House – Part 1.

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April 1, 2019
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June 5, 2019

In a list of lifetime circumstances which cause the most stress, moving house is right up there at the top. There can be a whole host of things to consider, and so we’ve decided to provide you with your very own Moving House blog series… stay tuned!

If you’re planning to downsize or move into temporary accommodation whilst awaiting the keys to your shiny new property, then you may be considering storing some of your items until they’re later needed. In Part 1 of our blog series, we’re looking at how to make this super easy and less stressful for you all round. So, things to consider:

  • Where will you be storing your items? Do they have excellent security so you can rest easy? Ensure your storage locker is clean, tidy and pest free (any storage company worth their salt should be able to offer this). Oh, and are they accessible when needed? If you need 24/7 access then self-storage could be a better option for you.


  • Store your possessions in high quality packaging (we can help with that!) Strong, double walled cardboard boxes will withstand the test of time and also allow you to safely stack them one on top of the other. Be sure to fill the boxes to their full capacity to make best use of available space too.


  • Protect against the elements. Damp and dust can damage anything upholstered so wrap them in sealed, protective polythene covers


  • The same goes for anything fragile. To be sure you’ll unpack your items in the same condition you left them, wrap any breakables in bubble or foam wrapping, fill the boxes with loose chips and mark those all important boxes ‘FRAGILE’ so they don’t accidentally get stacked underneath a box of books


  • It’s also a good idea to label all your boxes so you know how heavy and light they are when moving.


  • Did you know you can obtain a cardboard wardrobe to store clothes, shoes and handbags? The way to preventing any unnecessarily damp or creased clothes


  • Seal away! By sealing your boxes with packing tape, the contents will remain secure and dust free. Top tip here- don’t stretch the tape as it weakens it, causing it to peel away from the box. Oh and for double strength, seal them in an ‘H’ pattern


  • It’s all about layout in your storage facility. If there’s anything you’ll need quick or regular access to, keep them towards the front. Oh and don’t forget to keep a gap in between them, so you can find anything without too much trouble


So that’s your storage safely covered – next week, we’ll be discussing our Top Tips for stress busting packing success…