Bio-Degradable Packaging

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Bio-Degradable Packaging

Bio-Degradable Packaging

More and more customers are looking to switch to a Bio-Degradable Packaging for a more environmentally friendly packaging solution.  Although this a good idea the prices are still on the high side.

All our bio-degradable products are manufactured right here in the UK.

So what make it Bio-Degradable?


The D-K ® 100 range consists of pro-degradant additive masterbatches developed by

Colloids. These products are designed to cause conventional polyolefins to degrade.

and disintegrate whilst having minimal effect on initial polymer properties and

processing conditions.


D-K ® 100 products are primarily intended for use in polyethylene film but can also be.

used in other polyolefin products. Ideally such products should be used in applications.

where the degradation properties give a functional benefit in the finished article. Such

applications may include mulch film, rubbish bags, disposable packaging etc.

D-K ® 100 formulations have European food contact approval and, if colour is

required, should be used in conjunction with Colloids range of standard colour.

masterbatches for film and bespoke colours.

D-K ® 200


Colloids D-K ® 200 and D-K ® 300 product ranges both consist of a selection of

colours based on polymers which are biodegradable and compostable.

The D-K ®200 range is designed to be used in flexible applications such as carrier.

bags and caddy bin liners. The D-K ® 300 range is designed for use in rigid

applications such as food packaging and personal care products.

The two ranges are designed for use in compostable polymers with the same or

similar composition to the masterbatch base. Both base polymers are certified EN

13432 (‘Requirements of packaging recoverable through composting and

biodegradation’) and DIN CERTCO biodegradable and compostable when used at the

designated thickness.

The pigments incorporated in the masterbatches have all been carefully selected to

meet EN 13432 specified element levels in the final packaging.

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We can offer the following products:

Mailing bags – Bio-degradable
Bubble Wrap – Bio-degradable
Paper Tape
Paper Logo Tape
Printed Mailing Bags – Bio-degradable
Kraft Mailing bags

All of our other polythene products are also fully recyclable.

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