Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap

If you are sending goods out, you will be aware that they often slip of the pallets when in transit, these need to be secured using Pallet Wrap / Stretch Film to ensure they arrive without any damages.   We would advise all out customers who are sending out palletised good to make sure they are wrapped securley.

We can offer a full range of wrap which come in different colours and thicknesses, as well as flush or extended cores.

Pallet wrap sizes and spec.

Sizes are available in 400mm or 500mm width with 200 – 300m per roll depending on thickness.  Thickness of the wrap depends on what you are intending to wrap, we can supply you with the right product for the right job, if you’re sending our small amounts then a 17mu wrap will be fine for more heavy products we can supply 34mu heavy duty pallet wrap.

Example of 400x300x17
400mm is the width of the film
300m is the length of the film
17mu mu is the thickness of the film

If you have a heavy load or wrapping steel, we recommend extra heavy duty 34mu.

17mu is known as standard or light duty.

20mu is medium.

23mu is heavy duty.

34mu Extra Heavy duty.

All the rolls comes boxes in 6’s, we can delivery just one boxes right throught to full pallets.

As we have stock of all sizes and specification which means most orders can be ready for next day delivery, somtime seven the same day depending on when we receive the order.